About IWR

The International Waterbike Regatta (IWR) gathers students of naval architecture from all over Europe. It is a competition to compare the new and experienced boats of the participating teams to each other, in disciplines like short and long distances, acceleration, slalom and bollard pull.The IWR was held the first time in Hanover (Germany) in 1980. The event was created to motivate students to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice in a sportive manner. Another purpose was the technical exchange among students and the possibility to create lasting contacts for future collaborations. In 2019, the 40th IWR will take place in Ratzeburg near Hamburg – organized by the Hamburg HF Latte team. In the previous 40 years, the IWR took place in many european countries like Germany, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Norway. The event is attended by about 350 students each year and provides a basis to discuss technical problems and their solutions, getting in touch with students overseas and to have a lot of fun racing the boats. The competition between the different universities lead to high-tech waterbikes, lightweight constructions made of CFK, reaching speeds of more than ten knots.

40th IWR in Ratzeburg/Hamburg:

22.05.19 to 26.05.19 at Küchensee, Ratzeburg


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History of IWR (click on a year to visit the accompanying website)

Year Host city Country Overall Winning Boat
2019 Ratzeburg/Hamburg Germany Imperator, Hamburg
2018 Zagreb Croatia Imperator, Hamburg
2017 Ilawa Poland Rektor, Gdańsk
2016 Wien Austria Reynold, Hamburg
2015 Berlin Germany Rektor, Gdańsk
2014 Istanbul Turkey Reynold, Hamburg
2013 Rijeka Croatia Imperator, Hamburg
2012 Duisburg Germany Imperator, Hamburg
2011 Hamburg Germany Imperator, Hamburg
2010 Stettin Poland Rektor, Gdańsk
2009 Rostock Germany AnnaX, Rostock
2008 Zagreb Croatia Rektor, Gdańsk
2007 Gdańsk Poland L’Ordegno, Trieste
2006 Istanbul Turkey Dzordz, Gdańsk
2005 Bremen Germany Caipiroska, Genova
2004 Berlin Germany Close To Perfection, Duisburg
2003 Duisburg Germany
2002 Genua Italy Ordegno, Trieste
2001 Hamburg Germany Ordegno, Trieste
2000 Flensburg Germany Ordegno, Trieste
1999 Zagreb Croatia Ordegno, Trieste
1998 Delft Netherlands Ordegno, Trieste
1997 Gdańsk Poland Ordegno, Trieste
1996 Bremen Germany Hydrodynamosaurus, Wien
1995 Trieste Italy Hydrodynamosaurus, Wien
1994 Trondheim Norway Hydrodynamosaurus, Wien
1993 Nantes France Clementine, Hamburg
1992 Flensburg Germany Clementine, Hamburg
1991 Gdańsk Poland Clementine, Hamburg
1990 Goteborg Sweden Clementine, Hamburg
1989 Hamburg Germany Clementine, Hamburg
1988 Delft Netherlands Arriel, Aachen
1987 Berlin Germany
1986 Duisburg Germany
1985 Bremen Germany
1984 Hamburg Germany
1983 Aachen Germany Lattenjammer, Berlin
1982 Kiel Germany Obberon, Aachen
1981 Berlin Germany Tittania, Aachen
1980 Hannover Germany Kiel, Kiel