Reminder and further Information on IWR 2019

Registration at the discounted participation fee of 100€ only runs until march 1st, so hurry up!
Register here!

The participation fee has to be paid until march 15th.

Soon after your registration we will contact you for some further information on T-Shirt sizes and number of vegetarians. If some of you can’t attend the entire week, it is possible to buy a day pass which will be viable on saturday at a price of 20€. Day passes can be purchased online and on site during the event and will include beverages and usage of toilets, however they will not include food!
We also have to inform you, that unfortunately only tents are allowed on the camping ground, so you can’t bring a camper nor park your car there.
We are currently trying to find enough parking spaces for everyone.
Please also have in mind, that your boats have to have liability insurance in order to take part in the regatta. The insurance should be at least 1 million € for property damage and 3 million € for personal injuries.
Furthermore, it is required that every participant signs a liability exclusion on site.
Finally, the rules of the regatta have been altered slightly. You will find the updated rules here.

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